Fisheries and barrier management

Our multiple, interconnected fisheries-related services

Our fisheries-related services include barrier assessment and habitat enhancement through river restoration with designs specifically considering the natural geomorphic processes that provide and maintain instream habitats, including local-scale components to enhance physical diversity (e.g., large wood structures). We have delivered fisheries and barriers assessment services for a range of clients, including utility companies, government agencies, angling associations and fisheries trusts.

Our staff have a thorough understanding of the hierarchical physical controls on instream habitats and the link between sediment transport processes and the quality of aquatic habitats. This knowledge is critical to the identification of appropriate solutions to fisheries-related issues.

We have also completed many projects involving barrier management (including full removal), covering all stages of the process (catchment-scale planning, prioritisation, options appraisal, cost development, detailed design, implementation and post-construction monitoring).

We offer a range of services to support fisheries management, including:

  • conceptualising and developing catchment management plans
  • managing licence applications for in-channel works (e.g., Controlled Activity Regulations in Scotland)
  • undertaking habitat surveys and associated sampling programmes
  • conducting salmonid spawning and/or redd surveys
  • designing hydraulic structures (including barrier management and removal)
  • designing instream habitat enhancements or restoring to high quality
  • constructing supervision services for in-channel work
  • designing and implementing monitoring programmes.

Other focus areas