peat channel restoration

Peat Channel Restoration

cbec has extensive experience in working on water bodies in peatland environments including recently implemented restoration projects on the River Conon and River Nairn systems and developing designs for a watercourse in the Ardamurchan Peninsula. It is hoped that the work on the Ardamurchan Peninsula will provide a valuable pilot project to promote and evaluate this type of work and better understand what benefits can be achieved employing simple peat channel restoration methodologies.

The ‘process-based’ design approach employed by cbec essentially promotes designs that work with natural physical processes, rather than forcing a condition that may not be appropriate for the design site. By reinstating or reproducing the physical processes that would occur under low human impact conditions, a self-sustaining and naturally functioning system will be produced that requires minimal long-term management and delivers significant ecological benefits. Ultimately this will help re-establish the environmental conditions required for peat to re- form in many of our degraded peatland habitats.

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