Hydropower support

Offering bespoke review, assessment and evaluation services at different levels

We offer bespoke review, assessment and evaluation services at a range of levels, from refining concept or draft design proposals to more thorough assessments of conditions and resultant detailed design development. No two hydropower schemes are alike, and we approach each project on a site-specific basis.

Our team will consider the possible impacts of and to the scheme regarding the river environment and propose various mitigation alternatives if appropriate. Our geomorphic and ecological expertise enables us to identify impacts to aquatic resources (particularly fish and fisheries) and suggest cost-efficient approaches to minimise these. In particular, we focus on the interaction of sediment transport process and hydropower, including the design of innovative sediment management plans, such as re-designing or retrofitting existing impoundment structures, but also upper catchment land use management plans to reduce excessive rates of sediment supply that often impact hydropower schemes.

Our team will provide assessment and advice on:

  • characterisation of key geomorphic and hydrological characteristics of a site
  • design of key features of hydro-electric power schemes so that impacts on hydrology, natural sediment processes and aquatic ecology are minimised
  • distribution and status of local fish populations and their critical habitat requirements
  • sustainable mitigation measures and fish and fisheries monitoring plans.

Our range of associated technical services include:

  • detailed and tailored topographical and bathymetric surveying
  • review of applications and draft licence determinations and existing licences
  • liaison, consultation and negotiation with key stakeholders (including local fisheries’ interests) and statutory authorities over the content of plans and programmes regarding local environmental challenges
  • data management and analysis, client reporting and representation on management group
  • pre- and post-commissioning surveys, monitoring, assessment and reviews.

Other focus areas