Assessing the Use of Dry Wells as an Integrated Low Impact Development (LID) Tool for Reducing Stormwater Runoff while Protecting Groundwater Quality in Urban Watersheds

The purpose of the City of Elk Grove Dry Well Project is to determine whether dry wells, in combination with other low impact development (LID), are a cost-effective way to infiltrate stormwater, alleviate localized flooding and recharge groundwater without negatively affecting the groundwater quality.

The Project will design and construct dry wells and groundwater monitoring wells at two locations within the City: a residential neighborhood and a commercial / light industrial property. The Project will monitor event-based runoff and water quality of the runoff entering the dry well installation. The Project will also monitor the resultant groundwater quality in the receiving aquifers in the vicinity of the dry well installations. Findings and conclusions of the Project will be documented in an annotated bibliography, educational factsheets, well guidance document, and a draft scientific paper.  Results of the Project will be presented at local and statewide meetings and conferences.

cbec’s role is to incorporate swale LID features prior to dry well infiltration and to perform stormwater-quality monitoring and flow monitoring during  both wet and dry season events for two years. The water quality data will then be analyzed to determine the efficacy of the use of dry wells as an LID feature in an urban setting.


Project: 13-1011

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