Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project

cbec was contracted (as a subconsultant to Interfluve) to assist in the design and creation of habitat enhancement features on Dry Creek below Warm Springs Dam in Sonoma County for the benefit of rearing salmonids under an altered hydrologic regime.

The Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project is intended to ultimately provide six miles of improved rearing habitat, and make up an important component of a larger effort to improve conditions and promote recovery of listed salmonid species in the Russian River Watershed. Specifically, cbec is supporting development of concept designs and will perform detailed field surveys of the low flow channel.

cbec is performing detailed hydraulic analyses with an integrated one-dimensional/two-dimensional (1D/2D) model, providing results in a Basis of Design Report.

cbec is providing review of construction documents and assisting with public stakeholder involvement and support for the proposed project.


Watershed: Dry Creek
Project: 13-1013