Feather River Levee Setback Project

This project is a follow-on project to the recently constructed Bear River Levee Setback project although it is approximately three times the size of the Bear River project in terms of setback area and length of new levee (length of new levee = 5.7 miles).

Dr. Bowles was the project director under a previous company (not cbec) for the geomorphic and ecosystem enhancement section of this project for the Three Rivers Levee Improvement Authority (TRLIA) during the early stages of planning in 2006 and 2007.

Project feasibility and design commenced in 2006 with implementation expected in 2009. The levee setback project is the second of its kind in the Central Valley of California (after the Bear River Levee Setback Project, and includes multi-objective, holistic, floodplain management elements such as:

  • Flood risk reduction, through protection of nearby development by the new setback levee, and reduction of the water surface elevation of peak flood events due to increased conveyance capacity provided by the increased floodplain area.
  • Ecosystem enhancement opportunities through riparian restoration of the newly exposed floodplain.

Dr. Bowles specifically directed technical geomorphic reconnaissance and studies, including sediment transport analyses, to quantify the transport regime of the setback floodplain and associated main channel of the Feather River in comparison to the pre-project conditions.



Watershed: Feather River
Project: 10-1009