Peat channel restoration

cbec’s work has expanded to include peatland restoration

Together with RSK Habitat Management, specialists in implementing peatland restoration, we are undertaking assessment and design projects. We are especially pleased to offer this service, which addresses the climate crisis directly in a practical way. Peatland restoration has the potential to increase carbon storage significantly. Peatlands in the British Isles have been drained and modified, so their carbon capture capacity is seriously diminished. Our work helps return these habitats to their natural condition, and it creates carbon sinks.

We are building on many years of operating in peat-dominated catchments in Scotland

At the heart of peatland restoration is undoing old drainage networks, typically by re-instating more natural hydrological pathways, thereby slowing the water flow through the peat. This helps reinstate natural processes that facilitate carbon capture and improve the habitat. These projects have much in common with our river and wetland restorations, and it is an area where we aim to make a positive contribution.

Our services include peatland surveys, whereby we map peat depths and undertake habitat impact assessments before our GIS team maps the data. Using the data, we produce reports that indicate the site’s suitability for restoration. The depth of peat, its condition, current management practices and site access are all considered carefully. Landowners may use our reports to apply for restoration funding. In Scotland, Peatland Action also provides funds for the initial peatland surveys. We will be expanding this service to the rest of the UK and Ireland. If you are interested in engaging our services, please see our digital brochure for more information, including how to get in touch.

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