cbec, in conjunction with Salix, undertook the outline and detailed design of a significantly straightened and modified section of the River Misbourne near Amersham, Buckinghamshire

The design phase involved extensive surveys including topography, geomorphology, ecology, utilities and ground investigations, the data from which were used to inform the development of feasible options for the site. Stakeholder and community meetings and events were held to engage the local landowners and help refine the design to ensure the greatest degree of functionality could be achieved within the constraints of the site, following which the project progressed to detailed design. Final design iterations were followed by 2D hydraulic modelling of the site to assess the function of the design. The modelling illustrated the design objectives and demonstrated that they would not affect flood risk. The construction of the design was undertaken by FiveRivers in Autumn 2020, along with channel re-meandering, construction of in-channel benches and riffles and tree thinning. Works were completed in early 2021 following a wet construction period, which delayed the completion of some elements.

cbec Projects - Amersham to Quarrendon Mill dig
cbec Projects - Amersham to Quarrendon Mill early stages