A project was undertaken to produce detailed designs for the reconnection of the Delliefure Burn (a tributary of the River Spey) to its surrounding floodplain

The project included the development of a detailed design surface (i.e., digital elevation model) of the site using topographical and available lidar survey data. These data were used to guide a physically appropriate design for the site, specifically determining the location and extent of embankment lowering or reprofiling (primarily for floodplain reconnection) and locations for the placement of in-channel large wood structures (to enhance instream physical processes). An iterative design modelling process was adopted to arrive at an optimal final build specification for the site, ensuring the objectives of the project were met.

The design was constructed in September 2021, producing a diverse wetland and grassland habitat, and subsequent monitoring undertaken by the client has confirmed increased numbers of juvenile Atlantic Salmon. A fantastic result!

Photo credit: Spey Catchment Initiative