cbec developed a design to restore the East Tullos Burn in Torry from a hard‐engineered straightened channel into a more natural stream and associated functional floodplain

An important design element was creating wetlands and associated off‐channel features to provide the same function as a sustainable urban drainage system but in a more aesthetic and natural way. These design features benefited the site by improving wetland habitat and nutrient and pollutant buffering and enhancing hydromorphology. Wide consultation with the local community and stakeholders was undertaken by Walking-the-Talk to gather opinion on what the project should deliver and preferred restoration options. Hydrological and hydraulic modelling outputs of the work were fed into the design of two final options. Construction was completed in 2014, with cbec supervising throughout.

In November 2015, the East Tullos Burn Environment Improvements Project won Environmental Initiative of the Year at the Herald Society Awards in 2015.

cbec Projects - East Tullos Burn view
cbec Projects - East Tullos Burn construction