cbec was commissioned by the Spey Fishery Board and the Spey Catchment Initiative to design an implementation plan for the placement of large wood structures in the upper Spey within the Glenshero Estate

These structures were intended to enhance instream habitat for salmonid spawning and rearing, with a focus on providing greater habitat diversity, promoting natural geomorphic processes and offering more widespread in-channel cover for salmonids. We undertook a geomorphic assessment to pinpoint suitable locations for large wood placement, with a combination of ‘medial’ and ‘bar apex’ structures located to enhance the physical evolution of the channel and/or to increase cover. In total, 114 potential locations were mapped and allocated a priority rating; of these, over 100 structures were selected for construction. Construction took place in September 2022 and, within just a few months, had a positive impact on the salmonid habitat within the upper Spey. Alongside floodplain tree planting that is being undertaken by the Spey Catchment Initiative, these structures will promote the evolution of a resilient, self-sustaining river system that will continue to be supplied with large wood through natural processes in the future.

You can see the project’s progress in this video by the Spey Catchment Initiative.

cbec Projects Glenshero restoration project picture
cbec Projects Glenshero restoration project view