cbec developed detailed designs for wet woodland habitat in an area of floodplain to the south of the River Peffery, near Fodderty for Lockett Agri-Environmental.

This work sits alongside the wider Peffery restoration project involving the realignment of a reach of the mainstem Peffery (constructed in summer 2022, see below). The design, involving the reconnection of the lower Quarry Burn with its floodplain, aimed to provide a naturally sustaining wet woodland environment offering significant benefit to riparian habitat and ecology, whilst ensuring no impact to flood risk to downstream receptors and, where possible, offer flood risk reduction. The final design was built in summer 2023 with cbec supervising construction. The completed works have provided a floodplain environment more representative of natural, low impact conditions (i.e. prior to significant human intervention).

Thanks to Olly Smith for the footage.