The Quharity Burn ‘Stage 0’ restoration project is located at an upland, gravel-bed river located in the northeast of Scotland.

Historic land management practices within the catchment have led to the straightening and confinement of large sections of the burn, with the channel lacking in physical diversity, which in turn reduces in-stream habitat, impacting the species that such habitat naturally supports.

The restoration work, made possible by Kinnordy Farms Partnership and funded through NatureScot’s Nature Restoration Fund, aimed to achieve significant improvements to both in-channel and floodplain habitat (e.g. wetland habitat), downstream flood risk, water quality, and future resilience to the effects of climate change.

The implemented designs have involved the reinstatement of channel-floodplain processes by re-routing the river through historic flow paths across the floodplain, as well as the addition of strategically-placed large wood through the site. The implemented measures have provided a more diverse river and floodplain environment, with large areas of wetland habitat benefitting a range of wildlife, as well as improving localised flow attenuation, flood water storage and water quality.