The Beltie Burn in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is a tributary of the River Dee. In the mid-18th century, the watercourse was straightened in an attempt to improve land drainage for agriculture. However, this caused significant problems, not least downstream flooding: under certain spate conditions, flows could not spill out onto the adjacent floodplain and instead were passed downstream to present a risk to property and infrastructure. … Continue reading Beltie Burn, Aberdeenshire »

cbec was contracted by Dartford Borough Council and South East Rivers Trust to produce restoration designs for an extended section of the River Darent in Acacia Hall and Central Park, Dartford, Kent. The river was significantly impacted through this stretch, with a concrete-lined channel and weir structure within the Acacia Hall reach and generally poor ecological quality and limited aesthetic appearance throughout. The project has involved the development of designs of a more natural, sinuous … Continue reading The River Darent, Acacia Hall/ Central Park, Dartford »

cbec was contracted by Aberarder Estate to develop detailed designs for the restoration of the upper River Nairn, having previously conducted geomorphic and ecological assessments of the site to determine a range of restoration options. Under natural conditions, the study site would have been a highly dynamic alluvial fan, possibly with multiple channels. However, because of the historical engineering undertaken for land management purposes, natural … Continue reading The River Nairn at Aberarder »

cbec led a team to develop a prioritised catchment restoration plan on the River Naver, Sutherland. The primary objective of the project was, through reinstatement of natural geomorphic processes, to improve habitat conditions for Freshwater Pearl Mussels while achieving other ecosystem services, notably maintenance of ‘good ecological status’ and sustainable flood risk management. Stakeholder consultation and community engagement were key stages in development of the … Continue reading River Naver Catchment Restoration »

cbec undertook work relating to the design of a culvert on the Nant Morlais stream in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil. An upgraded access track suitable for the transport of construction machinery was required in relation to works being undertaken at the Wales and West Utilities asset at the site. As part of this, the existing culvert that the Nant Morlais stream flows through and over (which … Continue reading Dowlais Culvert Assessment »

cbec was contracted by the Tweed Forum to design measures to stabilise a section of eroding bank on the Wooler Water, Northumberland. The Wooler Water is a highly dynamic gravel-bed river and large flood events in 2008 and 2009 resulted in extensive channel adjustment. At the site in question, the river avulsed into a new location, resulting in the active erosion of a 140 m … Continue reading Wooler Bank Stabilisation »

cbec was contracted by The Wandle Trust in south London to restore a 1.5 km of an urban chalkstream, involving the removal/ modification of three weir structures and associated channel re-profiling. Topographic surveying along the impacted reach provided boundary condition data for 1D/2D coupled hydrodynamic modelling, the output utilised to guide restoration designs and ultimately produced full conceptual and engineering drawings that the Trust used … Continue reading River Wandle Restoration »

cbec have developed detailed restoration designs for a reach of the River Nith at Castlemains, New Cumnock. This reach was prioritised for restoration in the first phase of SEPA’s pilot catchment project because of the potential benefits of restoration to its Water Framework Directive (WFD) status for morphology and to natural flood management (NFM). Options within each sub-section of the reach were identified and assessed … Continue reading SEPA Pilot Catchment Project – Options Appraisal and Outline Design – River Nith (Castlemains, New Cumnock) »

cbec, in conjunction with APEM Ltd, conducted habitat modelling on three ~500m long sections on the River Otter, Devon to assess the impacts of changes to the flow regime. The influence of proposed groundwater abstraction on river base flows may have important impacts on the habitats of various life stage of Atlantic salmon and brown trout. cbec guided a topographic survey of the study reaches … Continue reading River Otter, Devon »

cbec, in conjunction with frog environmental, were contracted by the Norfolk Rivers Trust to design restoration measures for the tidally-influenced end of a chalk stream in north Norfolk. cbec undertook topographic surveys on 3 km of the river, which formed the input for a 2D hydrodynamic model of the channel and floodplain. Together with ecological survey information, this was used to develop and appraise potential … Continue reading River Nar at Pentney »