cbec performed hydraulic analysis of Upper Laguna Creek to support the design of flood mitigation measures during mining of the Triangle Rock Products’ expansion property south of Florin Road and east of Laguna Creek. As part of flood mitigation, Triangle Rock proposes to design and construct a weir to divert stormwater runoff from Upper Laguna Creek during large storm events into a storage basin. cbec … Continue reading Triangle Rock Weir Design »

cbec, inc. was contracted by MacKay & Somps, at the suggestion of Sacramento County DWR, to assess hydromodification impacts of the planned Glenborough at Easton development on Alder Creek. Modified Draft Sacramento Stormwater Quality Partnership (SSQP) Hydromodification Management Plan (HMP) performance criteria were applied to hydraulic model results from long-term continuous simulations developed for existing and project conditions. The hydromodification assessment for Glenborough at Easton … Continue reading Alder Creek Hydromodification Impacts Assessment »

cbec applied and refined a 2D hydrodynamic model using MIKE 21FM. The MIKE 21FM model developed by cbec encompasses a complex network of tidal channels (both natural and man-made) within the Yolo Bypass-Liberty Island-Cache Slough Complex. The main goal of the Northern Liberty Island Fisheries Enhancement Project was to assess the feasibility, sustainability, and regional benefits of implementing various proposed enhancements (e.g., levee breaches, ditch plugs, pilot … Continue reading Northern Liberty Island Fisheries Enhancement Project Assessment »

This project is a follow-on project to the recently constructed Bear River Levee Setback project although it is approximately three times the size of the Bear River project in terms of setback area and length of new levee (length of new levee = 5.7 miles). Dr. Bowles was the project director under a previous company (not cbec) for the geomorphic and ecosystem enhancement section of … Continue reading Feather River Levee Setback Project »

cbec was contracted by NMFS to construct a two-dimensional hydrodynamic model. The model is capable of quantifying steelhead migration suitability and habitat availability over a range of discharges for subsequent use by NMFS staff. The results of this study will be used to support the NMFS in evaluating the effects of Bradbury Dam on steelhead trout in the Santa Ynez River. MORPHO2D was used to … Continue reading Santa Ynez River Two-Dimensional Flow Model »

This project intends to improve fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, and recreational opportunities in Squaw Creek and its adjacent meadow by rehabilitating the natural hydrologic, geomorphic and ecological functions of the system. A variety of historic and ongoing anthropogenic modifications (e.g., watershed logging and ski resort development, grazing in the meadow, channel modifications, bank hardening, floodplain grading, hydrologic alteration, etc.) have degraded the functional … Continue reading Lower Squaw Creek Restoration Project »

cbec performed a geomorphic assessment of the lower Yuba River adjacent to the Yuba Goldfields. The focus of the effort was to assess the historic rates and predict future rates of lateral migration of the river and subsequent erosion of the training walls.  The training walls were built from unconsolidated gravel and cobble to confine the river to an alignment to the north of its … Continue reading Yuba Goldfields Fluvial Geomorphic Assessment »

Swift Slough has been established as the primary habitat on the Apalachicola River System for several threatened and endangered (T&E) mussel species. Its hydrologic connectivity to the mainstem of the river during low flow periods (<6,500 cfs) is essential to the long-term viability of these species. The hydrologic connectivity of Swift Slough has been reduced by the incision of the main channel generally as a … Continue reading Apalachicola River Restoration Feasibility Analysis »

This project included modification of the naturally existing Sunrise Side Channel through topographic manipulation to increase the temporal availability of Central Valley Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) spawning habitat, and to reduce the opportunity for redd desiccation and subsequent egg mortality due to flow reduction. The project was led by the Sacramento Water Forum with support from US Bureau of Reclamation, Sacramento County Parks, CA Department of … Continue reading Lower American River – Sunrise Side Channel Design and Post-Project Performance Monitoring »

cbec was contracted by SFCWA to develop the largest restoration project in the Lower Yolo Bypass in Yolo County, California. The project is being completed in partial fulfillment of the contractors’ requirement to provide mitigation restoration for the endangered Delta Smelt. cbec undertook water quality monitoring/ bathymetric survey, performed 2D hydrodynamic modeling, and developed 100% design plans and specifications for the project, as described below. … Continue reading Yolo Ranch Tidal Wetland Restoration Project »