River & floodplain restoration

cbec has substantial experience in assessing, designing and implementing river and floodplain restoration projects

We are committed to restoring and rehabilitating river and floodplain ecosystems to meet a range of objectives. We aim to return ecosystems to their maximum potential by employing a nature-based approach to restore the physical processes that sustain ecosystems while protecting critical human resources.

Our philosophy is designing with nature

Underpinning this is our application of the nature-based philosophy to river management. We determine the reference state for the river system and tackle the fundamental impacts to water and sediment supply, transport and storage at the largest possible spatial and temporal scale. This will begin a trajectory of recovery that is more natural, stable, self-sustaining and cost efficient.

Our restoration approach is supported by the use of creative and innovative rehabilitation techniques that address complex hydrodynamic, geomorphic and ecological issues. We often apply them in conjunction with sustainable flood risk management (i.e., natural flood management) measures. We identify implementable designs that enhance ecosystem health and achieve water quality objectives while minimising flood risk and the need for future maintenance.

We offer support throughout the entire process of implementing water environment management and restoration projects. This includes broad-scale prioritisation, design optioneering and conceptualisation, detailed design development, construction supervision and management and post-work monitoring. We support projects through all these stages with our expertise in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, hydrodynamics, morphodynamic modelling, field data collection, design services, stakeholder engagement and construction management.

Other focus areas