Overview of our bespoke, client-specific field services

cbec provides a range of field services tailored to specific client needs and site conditions. Our field services team integrates the skills and experience of our topographic surveyors, geomorphologists, modellers and CAD technicians.

What we do

Topographic and bathymetric surveys

Our survey team is highly experienced in undertaking topographic surveys (real-time kinematic GPS and total station) to gather accurate spatial data. We also have a high-specification bathymetric surveying capacity using a HyDrone remote-controlled craft with echo-sounding capability to collect efficient data from deeper or difficult-to-access areas of waterbodies. These methods provide us with the capacity to survey a wide range of environments, including river channels, floodplains, lochs, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries and near-shore coastal areas.

Geomorphic surveys

Our fluvial geomorphology team routinely conducts spatially referenced inventories to identify river form and all factors that are likely to influence that form. We use the latest GPS-enabled tablet mapping technology to perform fluvial audits, employing a bespoke methodology that we have developed internally and is adaptable to individual projects and different environments.

Sediment sampling

Our staff have extensive experience of a wide range of sediment sampling methodologies, including Wolman pebble counts, volumetric and grab sampling, bedload sampling, suspended load sampling and facies mapping. The data are crucial for many design applications, particularly those that consider sediment transport processes.

Peatland surveys

Our work has expanded to include peatland restoration. Together with RSK Habitat Management, specialists in implementing peatland restoration, we can undertake assessment and design projects.

Meteorological monitoring

To support our hydrodynamic and water quality modelling, a team will design and implement monitoring stations for the collection of meteorological data (e.g., precipitation, air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure).

Other technical services