cbec offers a graphic design and illustration option to help visualise a project design

We like to help you see the full impact of the proposed design. Choose from photo-realistic images or a more illustrative approach.

Our team of geomorphologists and our designer work together to produce technically accurate representative illustrations of how our river restoration designs could appear. Photo-real work is mainly created using Adobe Photoshop and images of the site. These images are particularly valuable for stakeholder events and client reports. Produced illustrations have been particularly useful at community events to communicate ideas and potential results for various projects and environmental work through posters and banners. They have since been used for many habitat restorations and rewilding projects to illustrate the scene after construction and in years to come so clients can realistically see how restoration or engineered work could potentially turn out. We can also produce more technical graphics for contractors to use for building naturally engineered structures in plan or cross-sectioned form.

For more examples of our illustrative and photo-real images, view our digital brochure below.

Other technical services