Bogdan-Alexandru Mihaila

Consultant / Surveying

Bogdan began surveying long before he graduated from University. He started with Boundary surveys necessary for Land Book registry and after graduation most of the topographical surveys were for earth, dirt, gravel, sand volume calculations in and for open pits projects and gravel quarries. It was at this time when he fell in love with the job and realised this was the career for him. Later on in 2010 when the economic crisis kicked in at his home country, Bogdan was forced somehow to start on his own path, as a freelancer. Up until 2012 he did whatever he could to gain money, and that included even working as a waiter. In 2013 he graduated from the judicial technical expert exam organized by the Ministry of Justice of Romania and returned to do Boundary surveys for Court of Law Trials that required such paperwork to settle down disputes regarding private properties boundaries.

In November 2020 he decided to move in UK with his spouse where his initial work was as a picker for an online retailer. In March 2021 Bogdan secured an interview with his previous employer who offered him a job as a Survey Technician. He was promoted to Senior Survey Technician after my 6 months probationary period. He then obtained his Personal Track Safety and Individual Working Alone on track, HSG47 training certificate on Radiodetection using RD8000 scanner for underground cables and pipes and First Aider certificate. One year later, in March 2022 he decided to accept the offer made by cbec and joined us as a Topographic Surveyor where he will be undertaking topographical and bathymetric surveys and GIS analysis.