Colm Casserly PhD

Senior Consultant / Geomorphology

Colm Casserly is a Geomorphologist and Senior Technical Specialist with cbec’s international team based in Ireland. Colm undertook his PhD at University College Dublin, where his doctoral research formed part of the EPA-funded Reconnect project that developed a validated methodology for prioritising in-stream barriers for either modification or removal. Specialising in fluvial processes, his area of expertise centres on the geomorphic impact that low-head dams have on rivers and their capacity to disrupt sediment connectivity. In addition to having a background in the construction industry, he has published a number of peer-reviewed articles and has worked in a research capacity at Inland Fisheries Ireland. Colm has experience in the use of RFID bedload tracking technology, suspended sediment monitoring, geomorphic assessments, and topographic surveying. As a member of cbec’s international team he will be working on projects based in Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and the UK.