Richard Williams PhD

Dr Richard Williams from the University of Glasgow is an honorary member of cbec UK staff after undertaking an industrial fellowship with the company in 2017. Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the fellowship enabled the University of Glasgow and cbec eco-engineering to undertake a collaborative research project, titled “Engineering river freedom for resilience”.

Collaborative research during Richard’s industrial fellowship aimed to assess the morphological sensitivity of recently completed river restoration schemes. The specific objectives were: (1) to assess rates of morphological adjustment following river restoration implementation using a variety of survey methods including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); (2) to evaluate scheme resilience based upon restoration approach, river energy and scheme maturity; (3) to produce evidence to shape future river restoration efforts.

Research to date has included surveys of the Allt Lorgy and Wooler Water realignment schemes, and a site visit to Eddleston Water. Richard has also been involved in the survey of the River Findhorn and subsequent analysis to derive a morphological change sediment budget for the surveyed reaches.