Dr Hamish Moir MSc PhD

Business Development Director and Principal Designer

Hamish is cbec’s UK managing director and has extensive training in the fields of fluvial geomorphology–instream ecology interactions and river engineering in both research and consultancy capacities. The three years he spent working in the USA provided valuable training in river restoration strategies, hydrodynamic modelling and state-of-the-art topographic surveying methodologies.

Hamish has considerable experience in project management, initially in the delivery of large academic research projects and subsequently leading many consultancy assignments. In his previous post as a senior research scientist, he led an international workshop on ‘Defining Hydromorphological Condition and Links to Ecology’ (March 2009) that was attended by leading scientists from around the world. This has developed into an annual session at the prestigious American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting on ‘Biophysical Linkages in Riverine Systems’ that Hamish co-convenes.

Dr Moir has been active in promoting more sustainable approaches to river restoration, including recently co-authoring a high-profile paper on the new concept of ‘process-based restoration’. He has also been project manager on many consultancy projects involving river restoration, river management and fisheries and balancing the requirements of sustainable flood management and improved ecological function under EU legislation (Floods Directive, Water Framework Directive and Habitats Directive).

In addition to his PhD (University of Aberdeen, 1999), Hamish has a master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Glasgow, 1993).

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