Dr Grace Skirrow, PhD

Senior Consultant – Geomorphology

Grace specialises in fluvial geomorphology and paleoenvironmental reconstruction. Her PhD research studied the long-term dynamics of a river, once glacially-fed, in Patagonia and evaluated the environmental drivers that forced major changes in the river’s behavior. Grace is also trained in interpreting various environmental records which equips her to read the landscape holistically; assessing river systems with consideration for the wider environmental impacts and drivers across space and time. Grace’s practical training includes advanced skills in fluvial audits, geomorphological mapping, sediment logging/sampling, GIS mapping, desk-based investigations, and spatial data analysis.

Having spent time working as a Senior Hydromorphologist at the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Grace has experience using fluvial geomorphology in the Environmental policy and regulation sector where she gained knowledge on key legislative frameworks such as the Controlled Activities Regulation (CAR) and the Water Framework Directive.

At cbec, Grace undertakes geomorphological surveys and subsequent reporting. She also supports cbec’s design team with the development of restoration designs.

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