Jeremy Bunn, BSc, MSc, LEG

Principal Consultant – Geomorphology

Jeremy obtained his BSc in Conservation and Resource Studies from UC Berkeley, followed by a decade in the residential construction industry, then a MSc from the University of Washington, where he studied the effects of large wood on sediment storage along debris-flow impacted headwater channels.

Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience of academic, consulting, and public sector work in fluvial and hillslope geomorphology, with an emphasis on geomorphological habitat and hazard assessments and the collaborative design of habitat restoration, bank stabilization, and flood-risk reduction projects.  He is skilled in the use of historical and geologic maps, aerial photographs, LIDAR, GIS, slope-stability modelling, hydrology and hydraulic modelling, and the qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of sediment transport processes.

Jeremy’s focus is on the discernment and understanding of geomorphic processes in the interactions between engineered and natural environments, and the design of nature-friendly adaptations to those processes.

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