Joseph Embleton, BEng

Consultant Surveyor

Joseph is a recent graduate from Newcastle University where he studied Geospatial Surveying and Mapping (BEng) which has provided a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for modern surveying practices. He is proficient in the use of total stations and GNSS equipment, which he developed through practical experience and field courses, solidifying and building upon his academic knowledge. Projects faced throughout the course included producing a topographic survey of a large section of the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District and a project that compared the accuracy of total stations and static GNSS over a large traverse in Kielder, Northumberland.

In addition to more traditional surveying methods, Joseph has experience in data collection and processing of more advanced spatial data capture techniques. These include LiDAR and photogrammetry captured from both terrestrial and airborne platforms. Combining this with experience in spatial data handling and management, along with extensive use of GIS software, provides a well-rounded foundation for work as a Consultant Topographic Surveyor.

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