Ryan Smith, MSc

Consultant – Geomorphology

Ryan graduated with an MSc in Water and Environmental Management and a BSc in Environmental Science, both from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), where he specialised in fluvial geomorphology.

Following graduation, Ryan was employed by QMUL as a research assistant, where he worked with the modular river survey team to develop MoRPh Estuaries Pro, a physical habitat assessment and monitoring tool for use in tidal rivers and estuaries. This project involved surveying and compiling reports on estuaries all around the UK, furthering Ryan’s understanding of these important ecosystems. During this time, he also co-authored a research paper (with the aim of publication in the near future), undertaking a regional risk screening of historical coastal landfill sites in South East England and ranking them by their potential pollution risk. This project enabled Ryan to further develop his geographic information system skills and understanding of coastal processes.

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