College Lake is a naturally occurring ephemeral water body located along Salsipuedes Creek, a tributary to the Pajaro River in Santa Cruz County, California. In the current condition, the lake is managed so that it is inundated during the rainy season, and then is pumped dry in the early spring so that farming can occur on the lake bed. A number of agencies have expressed … Continue reading College Lake Improvement and Watershed Management Project »

Creek restoration in the Arcade Creek Park Preserve involves creek bank terracing and stabilization and eucalyptus and Himalayan blackberry removal. Re-contouring of creek banks to reduce slopes and application of biotechnical treatments will be implemented to limit future erosion. Replanting of natives will follow eucalyptus and blackberry removal to further stabilize banks as well as enhance habitat. Three priority restoration sites have been identified through … Continue reading Arcade Creek Park Preserve Restoration Project »

cbec has been contracted by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife to assess the feasibility for fish passage barrier construction at multiple sites along Sagehen Creek, CA. The proposed barriers will prevent non-native fishes from recolonizing Sagehen Creek following the eradication of non-natives and the reintroduction of Lahontan cutthroat trout, a state and federally listed species endemic to the Lahontan Basin. Fish passage barrier … Continue reading Feasibility Assessment for Barrier Construction along Sagehen Creek »

cbec is part of a team preparing the SMARA reclamation and restoration plan for the Urrutia Pond and associated river bank in the Lower American River Parkway. cbec was instrumental in providing support for the development and successful $5 million grant application to DWR FESSRO to support design and implementation of the river bank restoration piece of the project. Bank restoration along the Lower American … Continue reading Urrutia Pond and Bank Restoration Project »

The Lower Putah Creek Restoration Project would create a new Lower Putah Creek channel through the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (YBWA). This channel would connect to and enhance the existing restored tidal channel network on the YBWA and provide a new connection between Lower Putah Creek and the Toe Drain, downstream of the Lisbon Weir. The new channel would provide fish passage and habitat for … Continue reading Lower Putah Creek Restoration Project »

cbec was contracted (as a subconsultant to Interfluve) to assist in the design and creation of habitat enhancement features on Dry Creek below Warm Springs Dam in Sonoma County for the benefit of rearing salmonids under an altered hydrologic regime. The Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project is intended to ultimately provide six miles of improved rearing habitat, and make up an important component of a … Continue reading Dry Creek Habitat Enhancement Project »

cbec was contracted to develop solutions to enhance aquatic and wetland habitat while also reducing the frequent flooding of Pescadero Creek Road at Butano Creek. The project encompasses portions of the Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve, managed by California State Parks, as well as the reach of Butano Creek upstream of the Marsh that is privately owned. A number of listed species (e.g. coho salmon, steelhead, … Continue reading Develop Solutions to Enhance Habitat and Reduce Flooding Reduction Along Butano Creek »

While working at the University of Idaho, Boise – Center for Ecohydraulics, Mr. Campbell was principal investigator and researcher in leading a multi-year assessment to quantify the hydroregime of created and natural vernal pools at two established restoration / mitigation sites where created pools have been constructed adjacent to natural pools. The objectives of this study were to identify the hydrologic differences between created and natural … Continue reading Hardpan Vernal Pool Hydrology »

This project is the initial step in the SCRE Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Feasibility Study. The study was developed through the support of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California State Parks, and the Wishtoyo Foundation’s Ventura Coastkeeper Program. This project was aimed at exploring the feasibility of expanding and enhancing estuarine habitat for steelhead and other native … Continue reading Santa Clara River Estuary Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Feasibility Study »

cbec partnered on a team led by Placer County to develop a Low Impact Development (LID) guidebook for Placer County. The project was funded by the Sierra Nevada Alliance; cbec worked with the Sierra Business Council and CKB Consulting in development of the guidebook. The purpose of the guidebook was to provide guidance on the use and implementation of LID techniques to protect and enhance … Continue reading Low Impact Development Guidebook Preparation, Placer County »