cbec partnered on a team led by Placer County to develop a Low Impact Development (LID) guidebook for Placer County. The project was funded by the Sierra Nevada Alliance; cbec worked with the Sierra Business Council and CKB Consulting in development of the guidebook. The purpose of the guidebook was to provide guidance on the use and implementation of LID techniques to protect and enhance … Continue reading Low Impact Development Guidebook Preparation, Placer County »

cbec and H.T. Harvey and Associates (HTH) are performing a multi-disciplinary assessment of the Coon Creek watershed to support the development of the Placer County Conservation Plan, assess anthropogenic disturbances, and develop and prioritize restoration and conservation measures. As part of this project, cbec and HTH are characterizing hydrologic, geomorphic, water quality and ecological conditions in the 112 square mile watershed, starting at the headwaters … Continue reading Coon Creek Watershed Assessment »

The Sacramento Flood control Agency (SAFCA) is undertaking a project to repair nine erosion sites on the Sacramento River east levee. Levee repairs will provide a 200-year level of flood protection while adding ecological value to the riverbank. cbec is providing design assistance that includes coordinating data collection efforts and advising repair designs. We performed field reconnaissance to identify bank erosion sites in need of … Continue reading Sacramento River East Levee Erosion Repair Design Assistance »

cbec is currently developing designs for a restoration project that will reconnect a one mile incised reach of Butano Creek, a tributary to Pescadero Creek, to its adjacent floodplain. The objectives of the restoration are to: Allow for more frequent and longer duration inundation of the floodplain. Increase sediment deposition on the floodplain and reduce the amount of sediment being delivered to downstream areas. Promote … Continue reading Butano Creek Floodplain Reconnection and Restoration Design »

As part of the DWR/USBR Yolo Bypass Salmonid Habitat Restoration and Fish Passage Project EIS/EIR to identify and evaluate alternatives to address fish passage issues for salmonids and sturgeon and provide habitat for juvenile salmon in the Yolo Bypass, MWD proposed the Multiple Gates alternative (Alternative 5). cbec furthered the performance evaluation of Alternative 5 leading to a preferred design. Preliminary hydraulic modeling in HEC-RAS … Continue reading Fremont Weir Alternative 5 »

cbec provided restoration/rehabilitation design services for Cordova Creek. Our approach to habitat restoration design and planning included three co-equal goals of the project: habitat quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Multiple stakeholders are involved with this project, including Regional Parks, County DWR, The Water Forum, SAFCA, Rancho Cordova, Soil Born Farms, and the CNPS. Ecological Design Approach: The primary goal was to create a high quality habitat … Continue reading American River Parkway Cordova Creek Naturalization »

M&T/Llano Seco Pumping Plant and Fish Screen Facility (Facility) provides water to agricultural lands on the M&T Chico Ranch, Llano Seco Rancho, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) conservation easements, Service Wildlife Management Area Lands and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) lands in Butte County. Recent changes in the channel morphology upstream of the pumping plant, including accelerated bank erosion and gravel bar … Continue reading M&T Chico Ranch / Llano Seco Rancho Fish Screen Facility Long-Term Project – Evaluation of Rock Removal on the Sacramento River »