Hydrology is the study of the movement, distribution and quality of water and the fundamental driver of our aquatic ecosystems. cbec’s hydrology services include the development of time series, flood events, and water balance/ budget simulations, for applications to hydrologic studies such as: hydromodification, fisheries habitat, wetland design, water supply and reservoir operation.

We are experts in the Flood Estimation Handbook (FEH) techniques used to determine a range of hydrological parameters and generate design hydrographs in ungauged catchments. We have been pioneering its use for continuous, long-term simulations for hydromodification planning.

To facilitate our in-stream, and hydraulic-modelling efforts, cbec installs stream gauges to monitor water levels, water temperature and other water quality parameters, using staff gauges, pressure transducers, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP) and other probes.

Each hydrological analysis is in some way unique and, with this ever-growing body of experience and through ongoing monitoring programmes and academic research collaboration, cbec continues to help pioneer new methodologies and techniques.

At cbec, we:

  • use the latest industry-standard software, including WINFAP 4, ReFHv2.2 and LowFlows Enterprise
  • maintain a fully auditable calculation trail for our clients, statutory bodies etc
  • analyse, review and refine calculated flood flows based on our expert judgement and extensive experience
  • ensure site visits are undertaken to fully explore all flow routes / sources and any other information that would influence hydrological processes.

Natural Flood Management (NFM) seeks to reduce flood risk by reinstating or reproducing components of the natural hydrological function present in unimpacted river systems. cbec has completed a large number of NFM projects across the UK, identifying the potential for sustainable flood risk reduction through a range of practical measures at the catchment scale and designing specific detailed interventions at the local scale.

cbec worked on the Drumnadrochit Flood Protection study and developed an NFM strategy for the River Enrick catchment.